Usine Industrielle Storage Console Table

Oilfield Slang by Manufab

  • Reminiscent to findings from an early twentieth century French Industrial factory, The Industrielle's vintage charm is a striking centerpiece that offers a vast array of functions for any setting from residential to commercial, retail and hospitality venues.
  • The heavy-gauged iron base, planks of longleaf pine, and Iconic Military Green steel factory bins are braced by steel rod and secured with oversized high-crown steel Acorn Caps. Storage bins are accessible from front and back making the piece a perfect kitchen island or retail display table.


  • The 1920's style industrial factory steel hopper boxes are double sided

    •1 hopper end with accessible 45º angled opening
    •1 end enclosed with drawer pull

    Bins are removable to allow use of chairs/stools. 

    72"L x 17"W x 36"H

    Each Oilfield Slang Product is made to order and fabricated entirely in-house at our fabrication facility located in New Orleans, LA.
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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