Anneaux Dining Table

Oilfield Slang

  • The Anneaux Dining Table is an Industrial Modern design featuring a minimalistic silhouette, clean lines and a stunning contrast of deep patina alongside a polished natural finish.

    The design for The Anneaux Series is inspired by one of the greatest and most influential designers of the 20th century, as well as my personal favorite, a French Engineer/Architect by the name of Jean Prouv_. Prouv_ believed in the power of design to make a better world, he set a goal to practice daily humanism; that one should always live and create with humility. Go Jean, you the real MVP.


  • Seats 8-10 guests
    Handcrafted tapered legs from bent steel and sanded to a smooth finish
    Steel rings machined to perfection from solid round bar (Anneaux is French for Rings)
    Gorgeous dark rubbed patina and sealed with a protective coating in a flawless matte finish

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